About Us

Imagine, if you will, approaching an immense figure in the distance. You notice the clouds in the sky blowing in several directions as if somewhere in the distance a shower of baseball sized hail was about to attack. The ground you are walking on fades from sand and clay into a path of gemstones decorated in lavish Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, Crystal and various Agate. As you get closer to this figure the sky turns from pale grays and shadowy blues into black light with stray bolts of lightning in unorthodox patterns. As your eyes focus to the new light you realize this was not a single figure, but a combination of intense, compassionate, guitar wielding, vocal slinging, thunder drumming, bass slaying musicians determined to entice your soul and bang your head. Welcome to Birch Hill Dam!

As you stand in awe at the variety of musical styles ranging from hard, southern rock and metal you’ll feel the familiarity of deep cutting artists such as Damage Plan, Corrosion of Conformity, Dozer and as you listen more intently you’ll recall styles of old such as Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Altered Saint and more. You may become nostalgic for as you listen to each of their songs you will span different generations of great music all rolled up into an original style that relies on raw, in your face, music that moves, stomps and gives your energy field a boost of electricity instead of moments of depression and thoughts of that nature.

This eclectic mix of energy and musicianship is brought to you by four outstanding musicians that know you are in the mood to rock; Mike Nygard on vocals, Sam Barrett on Guitar, Matt Neely on Drums and Pete Gelles on Bass. They come from a place in Massachusetts called Fitchburg.

To further prove that they know what they are doing allow your senses a moment to take in what some of these popular publications/sites have to say about the band and their latest album, Colossus.

“It was well written and mastered and the quality of the album is pretty damn good. This is an enjoyable album, especially if you like your music up and in your face the entire time.” – thesodashop.us

“’Colossus’ sounds a lot better than albums I’ve heard from good sized labels, so congrats to them on a job well done.” – rockmusiccritic.com

“If you are looking for some heavy southern inspired metal, a drag of stoner rock, and catchy hooks Birch Hill Dam will not disappoint.” – HeavyPlanet.net

“titanic!” – RippleMusic.Blogspot.com